Building Block Production Plant

The company has all the permits: a construction permit, any production activity permitted by law, land plans, certificates for products, etc.At the moment, the production site is used for the production of a building block. The production capacity is 3600 units of blocks per one working shift.Part of the area is leased for the production of frames for swimming pools.The complex is completely autonomous. It does not depend on public and private technical support systems. The territory is fenced with a concrete fence with metal sliding gates, has round-the-clock security and lighting.Owned by the company on the territory are.Motor transport:cargo platform-International 9200, Cummins ISM-320 engine, condition-very good 2.5 ton KOMATSU autoloader, condition-very good construction:- covered production area - 580 m2-concrete processing area with automatic irrigation system-720 m2-living room for workers-26.2 m2-shower room-23.4 m2-fuel storage room-16.3 m2-generator room-27.0 m2- warehouse - 81.6 m2-office for I. T. R.-26.2 m2-utility room for I. T. R.-22.0 m2-V. I. P. Office-34.0 m2-living room on the second floor-72.0 m2 (hall, bedrooms-2, shower-2, toilet-2) - garage-32.0 m2 Production and technical support units:- forming machine for the production of blocks - concrete mixing machine - water well, deep pump, constant water pressure installation - reserve water tank of 30 cubic meters. (concrete) - diesel generator 80 kilowatts per hour (automatic start, computer)- tank for diesel fuel 2500 liters (metal with level control) - inverser 3.5 kilowatts per hour (installation of uninterrupted supply of electric energy)- GSM signal amplifier (shipboard with a remote antenna)All residential and office premises are equipped with air conditioning, furniture, office and household appliances.
Total cost: 550.000$