Legal services

Registration of documents and legal support of transactions in the Dominican Republic

Legal services can become relevant for you at any time: no one is ever able to predict in advance where and when legal assistance may become necessary. It is especially important to have a good lawyer when it comes to real estate transactions abroad.
The Dominican Republic is no exception in this regard. It is very important to solve such issues as registration of documents for real estate, obtaining a residence permit in the Dominican Republic or verifying the authenticity of real estate documents with a person whom you will completely trust. It is for this reason that we offer our clients who need legal support of transactions to contact our professional lawyer.
We are ready to offer you: 
  • a highly qualified specialist who has a qualification in the Dominican Republic and a higher education obtained in this country;
  • large-scale legal assistance in any matters related to the purchase or rental of real estate in the country, obtaining citizenship in the Dominican Republic and not only;
  • a specialist who is fluent in Russian and has twelve years of experience in his field.
  • In addition, our team includes six more specialists from different fields of law of the Dominican Republic, who are ready to help you in any situation.
You will not only save on a translator, but you will also communicate directly with lawyers. But understanding is the first step to trust and success in any business!
For legal questions, please contact: +1 (707) 298-1563 (What's App) or E-mail: