The Dominican Republic boasts a visit to its coastal waters of humpback whales, in the Bay of Samana. These ancient majestic animals are not afraid of people at all, on the contrary, they are so curious that they come so close, it takes your breath away from this huge thing that "breathes right in your face". This spectacle can be observed on a tour boat, in the period from December to April.Recent studies have shown that all North Atlantic humpback whales are native to the Dominican Republic. Whales come to breed in the warm waters of the Dominican Republic, from the sea off the coasts of Iceland, Greenland, Canada and North America.The sight is impressive when a whale of 40 tons, jumps out of the water and falls a few meters further. If such acrobatics does not work on females, the male tries to take it with a long monotonous song ( whales can hear it within a radius of 30 kilometers). After the birth of children, the whales are preparing to return to the north. Los Aitises is an amazing natural place with time stopped. In the park, covered with dense, tropical forests, there are amazing rocky formations, grottos and caves with rock paintings. The most famous of them are the grotto of Boca del Tiburon (translated from Spanish, "Shark's mouth"), the cave of San Gabriel, La Linia, Arena.Mangroves along the river, where the sea part of this excursion begins, flowing into the Bay of San Lorenzo, amaze with their unusual, fantastic views. The silence, occasionally broken by the singing of birds and the pristine, virgin nature around you, will take you back tens of thousands of years into the past.You will see a huge number of different species of birds inhabiting small islands: frigates, pelicans, gulls, red-headed eagles and many others. You will visit the caves hidden among the lush greenery, which were inhabited by Indians centuries ago and the traces of their stay, in the form of rock paintings, remind you of this.You will also have time to swim in the pools with the purest mountain water and relax. For lovers of wildlife — this is the most cherished and beautiful place that is worth visiting.The tour takes place in the Dominican outback, away from the main tourist routes.