New house in Bavaro 350 m2

Two-storey new house in a modern architectural style. The house has 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms and air conditioning, 3 balconies: 1 of which is huge and 2 small, a spacious hall where you can receive numerous guests, and in the courtyard there is a swimming pool with a view of the golf course. As a real estate owner at Cocotal Golf and Country Club, you get a lifetime pass to the territory of the five-star resorts Melia, Paradisus Palma Real and the magnificent Gabi Beach Club, which opens access to more than a kilometer of white sand coast.Created by Jose Pepe Ganzedo, a 6-time Spanish golf champion (he is called the Picasso among golf designers), the Cocotal Golf Course is considered the best in Punta Cana Bavaro.
Villa en Cocotal:
Parcela 1.300m2
Construcción 350m2
Año: 2016
Precio Venta: US$ 550.000
Precio Alquiler amueblado full:
US$ 2.800 mensual por contrato de un año.
Tel 8094913409

City: Bavaro
House size: 350 m2
Number of floors: 2
Plot area: 800 m2
Number of rooms: 3
Total cost: $550.000
Rent:$ 2800 per month at the conclusion of a contract for 1 year