The White House on the Atlantic Coast in Puerto Plata

    Puerto Plata (Silver Port) is one of the northern provinces of the Dominican Republic. Since the late 1990s, due to its beautiful beaches, it has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction. One of the names of this place "Amber Coast" is not accidental. Among the coastal sands, black amber or amber is found in abundance here. Puerto Plata is a golden beach, a mild tropical climate, the iridescent turquoise of the Atlantic.
    We offer you an exclusive villa "Casa Blanca" with a gorgeous view of the Atlantic Ocean. The house has 4 bedrooms, a living room with panoramic windows and access to a balcony, where you can endlessly watch the mighty surf of the Atlantic. An amazing place to relax or stay.
Casa Blanca is an attractive magnet, the magic of which is difficult to resist.
City: Puerto Plata
House size: 300 m2
Number of floors: 2
Plot size: 500 m2
Number of bedrooms: 4
Cost: 750.000$
Rental price: $ 300 / night; $ 3500 / month