One of the main attractions of La Romana, Altos de Chavon, or the city of artists, is a recreated copy of a medieval village, conceived by the American magnate Charles Bladorn, the owner of the Gulf + Western Corporation, which acquired control of Paramount Pictures in 1966. Cap Cana is a fashionable place for recreation, located near the city of Punta Cana. On an area of over one hundred square kilometers there are restaurants and boutiques, the five-star Caleton hotel complex, golf courses, yacht clubs, tropical gardens, elite mansions and villas. But Cap Cana is known to many tourists not only for its European service, hospitality and fashionable establishments. Here you can find hundreds of picturesque and amazingly beautiful places, visit luxurious sandy beaches, plunge into the atmosphere of luxury, ease and tranquility. Together we will explore all the main attractions and the most beautiful places of Cap-Cana, the property of multi-millionaire Donald Trump.