Luxury villa in Casa de Campo 800 m2

Residence near La Romana. 80 km from Punta Cana (45 min drive on the autobahn). The most famous residence in the Dominican Republic, Michael Jackson was married, the house of Shakira, Iglesias and the less famous-Mikhail Gorbachev.Inside is the City of Artists, a replica of the 15th-century Italian village discovered by Frank Sinatra. Colliseum-here concerts of world stars.The house is made of high-quality materials according to the project of an Italian construction company. A rare modern style for the Casa de Campo and for the Dominicana in general. Fans of Hi-Tech style will love this house!5 bedrooms in the main building and two in the guest house.The space and style are breathtaking! There is everything that should be in the house of the 21st century!