Sections on the 1st line of MICHES. Under the hotel, residence. SUPER price!

It is proposed to consider the primary market areas in the Miches region in the Dominican Republic. The region is located in the north-east of the island between Samana and Kapkana and is the last undeveloped region of the country. For an initial review, we offer photos taken from a helicopter and brief descriptions of the sites.Plot No.1.The plot is divided into three parts The first part is 1,100,000 sq. m.: sunny place with coconut grove, the beach is about 900 meters from the plot the second part is 750,000 sq.m.: sunny place, lots of green lawns. Perfect location for a golf course. The third part of 2,400,000 sq. m.: savanna with sea view. The main highway is nearby. Plot No.2. The plot is located in the area of Lagunga Redondo and Laguna Lemon. The boundaries, dimensions and configuration of the plot can be specified depending on the interests of the investor. The attachment to the lagoon provides a unique opportunity to use the natural reservoir for the construction of the Marina. The lagoon is connected to the ocean by a river about 100 meters long, which, accordingly, can be transformed into a channel for the passage of sea yachts into the ocean. The coastline of the areas along the lagoons is a continuous sandy beach with coconut trees. All land plots belong to the state.In general, the first visual impression of the proposed region is one of the most picturesque in the Dominican Republic (endless sandy beaches, coconut groves and hills). The protection from the north of the peninsula from the Samana side ensures the calm nature of the ocean, and the remoteness of the region to the northwest causes greater protection from hurricanes, which significantly weaken after the first meeting with the island in the area of Punta Cana. Prices are relevant for a certain period, but can be fixed in the event of a specific interest on the part of the investor. At the moment, car service is possible from La Romana Airport via Highway 3 and Highway 4 via Higuey and El Seibo. The length of the route is 125 km.In the case of the purchase of significant plots of land (3-4 million square meters), the Government of the Dominican Republic undertakes to build a direct road from La Romana airport. In this case, the length of the new high-speed dogori will not exceed 100 km.Negotiations on infrastructure issues, including the construction of the road, were held with Senator Dr. Francis Vargas, Jefe Provincial de Campaña. 
 Total price: on request